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Grey Horse Press Release #7

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NATIVE COUNTRY MUSIC - July 8, 2016.  For Immediate Release.

All song clips from Grey Horse CD released; pre-ordered CDs sent out.

Song clips from all songs on the Grey Horse CD now available at

Track 1 - Arrested on Horseback 
Track 2 - Before I’m Done
Track 3 - Toksha Ake Kola
Track 4 - Maybe Someday
Track 5 - Pressure’s On
Track 6 - Pass Me By
Track 7 - Breathe
Track 8 - Lonesome Last Request
Track 9 - More Than California
Track 10 - I Still Don’t Have the Words to Say I Love You
Track 11 - Just Get Up and Close the Door

All pre-ordered CDs have been sent out for immediate delivery.

Grey Horse Disc

This is the seventh of a series of releases by Native Country Music for the Grey Horse CD. Order the CD at today!

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