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Grey Horse Press Release #2


NATIVE COUNTRY MUSIC - June 18, 2016. For Immediate Release.

Grey Horse to release first CD on July 8 with pre-order currently available.  Featuring the autobiographical Arrested On Horseback, Samuel Grey Horse sings from the heart on his inaugural effort exposing the tender side of the iconic horseman.

Grey Horse

Samuel Grey Horse

Born Samuel Olivo, Jr. in Austin, Texas, like so many others Grey Horse was influenced by the music that dominated the airwaves of the seventies and eighties: classic country and album rock. Drawn by the story behind the lyrics, and appreciative of the music channeled through artistic musicianship, Grey Horse often found himself singing favorite songs over the years.

For as long as he can remember Grey Horse shared his life with horses. Animal energy provides support and drive. However it was in 2010 that his horse Big Red dragged Grey Horse to his death after a saddle strap failed during a race. After revitalization Samuel remained comatose. Though Grey Horse lives on; some memories faded; his efforts in medical school eroded; but new purpose was awakened.

In 2011 Grey Horse was immortalized on 6th Street in Austin, Texas. Changing his life forever, more than even dying on the race track, Grey Horse soon abandoned prescription painkillers. Abandoned alcohol. And abandoned the life of illusion.

Over the next several years Samuel Grey Horse went to Sundance and on a pilgrimage, wrote songs with feeling and learned to play the guitar with Alan Wilhite, performed over 150 gigs, enjoyed the declaration of Sixth Street Cowboy Day in Austin, and embraced his Native roots exemplified by the legal name change.

Special recognition to Alan Roy Wilhite, Samuel Grey Horse’s musical mentor. Alan is impeccable in his consistency of message and encouragement of talent providing expertise in songwriting, voice, and instrument.

This is the second of a series of releases by Native Country Music for the Grey Horse CD. Pre-order the CD today at for the July 8 release.

Listen to the Toksha Ake Kola Clip

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