Not everything is to be remembered. Some things nobody remembers, some fade, some lost to trauma. Born to create, a new day to share; rebirth and second chances. To see death, to be death, to work with death, to be with death.

A child from Texas, surrounded by horses and family and growing up in the 60s and the 70s and becoming a man. Sam saw death, as a child, in the safety of his Austin neighborhood walking home after school. A man working on his car looking into the motor compartment got the engine to start; still in gear the car lurches forward pinning the man against the restaurant wall. To the Spirit world.

Animals, too, are of the Spirit world. Keen, knowing, reacting. A drive for life, fulfilling and satisfying. A need for nourishment, hunting rituals provide sustenance for family, kin, and extended. There is no line between life and death. Sam saw death, of animals in his midst. Deer and Boar caught and intense and charging. And shot just inches away within his grip.

Respect for the Living, the Vessel, and the Energy. Sam talked with the recently passed as he cleaned and groomed and dressed and respected those in the hospital morgue. No fear, No evil. Finally peace, for some. Life and death, intertwined and moving, and changing, all the time.

Only some know death from multiple perspectives. Very few have existed outside the vessel and returned to continue a journey, destined for purpose and healing. Sam died in 2010 after a leather strap snapped at the track. Dragged by Big Red, down the track, violent and ghastly and challenging Life. And they called in the hospital helicopter, and the screen showed a flatline. But then the screen showed a return of vibrancy of Sam’s Heart and off the helicopter flew to Healers and Caregivers. Never certain of your voyage, or what the Universe will provide, the flatline returned on the way to the hospital. And experts cared, and people cared, and the Universe answered. And Sam lived, on this side, after being on the other side.

Travis passed. A friend from the track, the original 6th Street Cowboy. Travis, always sensitive to Sam’s energy, understood the Power. Powerful. Connected. Supporting. Sam called on Travis, knowing death knows life, and asked for help. Travis answered, connecting again, Sam with his Strength.


I know I have Purpose. We all do. Purpose is sometimes hard to discover with the distractions and illusions of modern-day living. Don’t let Prayer become Hope; let Prayer be Discovery. Discover your Purpose.

Sam’s life became a worldwide spectacle, and it became a personal spectacle. And so the journeys of personal discovery intensify. Retreat to your Native Uncle. Walk the Red Road.

Look seven generations back to thank those that provided for you, and look seven generations forward to provide for those who will come after you. Ceremonies demand respect, meet your Ulsen and see your Vision discovering where your Energy goes. Change, grow, learn, feel, believe.

Retreat on a personal voyage of Discovery. Introduce yourself to the Land of Milk and Honey with Tex and Mula, and a compadre and his canines. Left by van and returned by truck with his Son. Great Energy in California if you can. Called home for the proclamation, and the 6th Street Cowboy has arrived.


Discovery is Healing and Healing is a process. Surround yourself with Nature, your Strength, animal spirits remind you of what you already know. Learn to control Energy. Sam lives among his animals, in the stables and meadows and forest. Life is never easy. With Purpose, life is simple.

Sam is one with his Animals. The strong Big Red, ever a reminder of the speed of Change. The stable Mula the mule, a steadfast communicator and Healer. And Texas, the Grey Horse, the Warrior and symbol of my Native Uncle. They respond to the Energy.

Sam is part of Community. Accept me on the Streets and Services. Providing fresh perspective of a sometimes forgotten Time. Sighs of happiness and pictures reflecting the Real and Healing with the Animals. The old and frail and the most special among us experience the Energy and Heal with the Services.

A Place for Prayer. Find your Spirituality. The Energy from Mother Earth and see what is and become your Destiny. Ask to grow, to discover Purpose, to share for seven generations. Respect yourself and live without judgement. Others are in a different Place on their Journey.


I want to share, I will kill it for you. My Energy is yours, if you can.

Sam crafts songs from the Real. Never a ditty, always from the Heart. And the inspiration is felt, and embraced, and nurtured by others. And is shared just for you. Sam performed as the 6th Street Cowboy with star musicians from an Austin storefront, inside, with Mula, creating and humbled by Support.

The World discovered Sam as the 6th Street Cowboy. A name given to him. A name that belongs to Travis. A Character but not the Man. The 6th Street Cowboy crafts his Purpose.

For the proclamation, Birdhouse Studios masters a CD of Sam’s songs, as is customary to leave Energy with the City. The Vision was Real, and Sam could offer more. Another Project is born.

Sam teams with Casper Rawls, the well-known ace guitar slinger, to capture the Sounds. To be your destiny, surround yourself with supporting Energy. Know your Purpose and Manifest your path. And Grey Horse is born.

Sam is Samuel Grey Horse.
I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You, and I Love You